What is cap-py?  cap-py is a captive portal written in python, designed to protect wireless access points.  I decided to write cap-py after attending a presentation on Captivator-gw.  Captivator-gw is for GNU/Linux and written in Perl.  As my preference is OpenBSD and Python, I decided to work on something that matched my preferences.
What about authpf?  Yes, OpenBSD comes with authpf and is likely better, superior, and generally more awesome in every way.  For example, cap-py currently depends on ARP requests to verify active clients.  That won’t work so well if there’s a router involved between cap-py and a client.  I created this for my particular itch.  I’m making it available in the hopes that someone else finds it useful.  Normal disclaimers apply--I’m not responsible if cap-py destroys your computer, eats your children, increases inflation, or flat out doesn’t work.
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